Our New Website!

Well its been a long time coming but NorCal Video is finally launching it’s new website!  We are a video production company first and foremost so we have always kept our website simple because we….well honestly we were out having too much fun filming client projects.  A new website has always been the last thing on our to-do list.

However, we finally realized that our initial simple website was keeping us from accomplishing our primary goal; helping as many business owners in the Northern California area as possible.

So we set down with some awesome web designers who helped us come up with the website you currently see.

Even though this is a “new” website for us, it’s still not finished.

We purpose built this new version to be able to adapt with our company.

So if you see design changes, new sections, etc it’s because we are taking feedback from our clients and updating our site accordingly.

If you are a current client you will receive a email every time we update the site.  If you are not a current client make sure to fill out our free video blueprint form to request your free meeting (and don’t worry, we are not even remotely “salesy”).

If you have any questions just email us at sayhi@norcalvid.com or call us directly at (916) 546-2007.

Seriously, we would love to hear from you, even if its just to tell us your opinion on the weather.

We’re cool like that apparently.

Until next time!

-Gabe and the NorCal Video Team

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