US Navy Kills It With Project Architeuthis Marketing Campaign

How do you ensure the team members you are working with possess the highest caliber skill set the industry can provide?

Simple, create an effective sorting examination and marketing campaign.

Well, that’s exactly what the US Navy have done with Project Architeuthis, a nearly unsolvable online puzzle designed to stump even the most seasoned Navy cryptologist. If you manage to beat this hair-pulling challenge, a future with the US Navy is quite possibly in your future.

But to get the word out about this challenge you need an effective marketing campaign to raise awareness.

Video is an ideal medium to convey the excitement Project Architeuthis offers to its players. The first half of video attracts the viewer’s attention with concise clip length and quick cuts to give the narrative momentum and focus. Footage of Navy officers at work is also intercut, creating the feeling the players are part of the Navy the moment they start playing the game. Cinematic filters are placed over the footage of the navy officers to give the clips a more Hollywood feel.

After the viewer’s interest in piqued, more detailed information about Project Architeuthis is provided, screenshots are shown to give examples of what actual gameplay is like. The online community for Project Architeuthis is also explored, incentivizing viewers to become players by showing them the game is already popular enough to warrant a community of its own.

Overall, I found this to be an extremely effective commercial as it conveyed the clear intent of Project Architeuthis as a pathway to employment in the Navy and also incentivized it’s target demographic, future cryptologists, by creating a unique game to qualify potential applicants and enhancing their marketing reach. Of course, the real marketing enhancement comes not from the game itself but powerful medium it is marketed in; video.

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