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Gabe and I have had a great business relationship for years.  I was a firm believer in acquiring customers through referrals only as advertising in the past led to some bad experiences and poor customer quality. It’s been great to have qualified customers reach me through the digital spectrum using video and not just word of mouth.

Matt Cummins Owner, Cummins PC Help September 24, 2016

Gabe is truly an incredible digital mind and his team is the perfect digital solution! I highly recommend them!

Travis Huff CEO, Real-time OutSource September 24, 2016

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Lincoln Video marketing are visual ads that play on online videos websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and Hulu. This kind of marketing has seen a boost in popularity over recent years. Online Video Advertising generally includes 3 types: Pre-Roll advertisements which play prior to the video is seen, Mid-Roll advertisements which play throughout the video, or Post-Roll ads which play after the video is seen. Post-roll ads were shown to have much better brand name acknowledgment in relation to the other types. The main advantage of video advertising is that it interrupts the viewing experience of the video and for that reason there is a difficulty in trying to avoid them. How a customer interacts with online video advertising can boil down to three stages: Pre-attention, attention, and behavioural choice. These online advertisements offer the brand or company alternatives and choices. These consist of length, position, surrounding video material which all directly affect the efficiency of the produced ad time, therefore manipulating these variables will yield various results. Length of the advertisement has revealed to affect memorability as longer duration led to increased brand name recognition. Sharing these videos in Lincoln CA can be related to the online variation of word by mouth marketing, extending variety of people reached. As well, videos that have entertainment worth are more likely to be shared, yet enjoyment is the strongest incentive to pass videos on. Producing a viral pattern from mass quantity of a brands marketing can maximize the outcome of an online video advert whether it be positive or an unfavorable outcome.