What Is Green Bay

Almost everyone who follows the NFL can name the City and Team name of most teams. However, even the most hardcore fan will be hard pressed to name actual facts about said cities.

This is where a brilliant video team in Green Bay stepped in to help educate people about what a unique place Green Bay WI truly is.

Just slightly under 2 minutes, What is Green Bay? is a fun little clip showcasing city footage, interviews with locals and non-locals and of course information on the infamous Green Bay cheese.

Why should you watch this clip?

The video team does a great job in making what could be a horribly boring video fun and interesting by not taking itself too seriously.

With engagement dropping at a spectacular rate, making sure your videos are interesting enough to hold the attention of the watcher is important.

This video has multiple great ideas to use in your future videos.

So grab a pen and paper and enjoy this short clip What is Green Bay?.











CLICK HERE to watch the video

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